Pay Table

Symbols and coins

  • The wild symbol would allow you to trigger some free spins. On some slots games, the wild symbol will also replace any other symbol in winning combinations, except for scatter symbols. Usually, if you are playing with the maximum bet on your reels and you get five Wild symbols on a pay line, you will win the progressive jackpot that could sometimes be over 1 000 000 dollars.
  • The scatter symbols would trigger random winnings. It won't matter if a scatter is placed on a pay line or not, it will trigger winnings. Moreover, more than three scatters on the same pay line would trigger free spins or the second bonus game when available.
  • Special symbols: those symbols are only available for certain games; therefore, you couldn't find them everywhere.

The payout schedule is found on the helps screen usually. For the old 3-reel 1-payline slots games, the schedule could be found on the main screen. For the modern slots games having even 40 pay lines, placing those combinations on a single page might be hard. Therefore, the help page contains them, along with some other useful information.

Additional features

If you have the luck to trigger the bonus game, you might not have an idea about what to do. Some of those bonus games can be considered standalone games; therefore, they might be hard to play. Let's tale the example of hulk slots game: the bonus session implies guiding Hulk trough the city, destroying cars, and killing villains. If you don't read the instructions first, you will certainly loose the bonus game.

The Auto play feature is available on some slots games for those lazy players that like to watch the account growing without worrying about spinning the reels. The feature could be activated with a click of the mouse, but most established players wouldn't use it. It will spoil the fun of the game, and you might lose some winning combinations because the lack of attention.

Bet Max. The feature will allow you to place the maximum bet on all the pay lines. Use these options if you have enough money on your bankroll, and make sure to check the progressive jackpot before hitting the button. the progressive jackpot could only be won if you are betting maximum on all the reels, therefore you might think about using it from time to time if you want to win those 500 000 dollars.

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