How The Slots Work

The casino decides if it wants to make you the hero of the night or the looser of the week. However, if you want a real chance to win on the online slots machines, you must know some basics about the system of those machines.

The RNG is the main system of every slot machine. This mechanism generates random numbers, numbers that won't mean anything for you as a player. Even if you would have a system to guess those numbers, they won't help you in your initiative. In addition, those numbers are generated 300 times a second; therefore, it would be impossible for any human to follow them. This system is considered the heart of the slot machine, and every decision made by the mechanism is based on this system. The numbers are totally random, therefore the casino can't influence them (or at least this is the official theory)

The principles of the RNG

The RNG (Random Number Generator) works its magic on every spin. Based on some general rules of the casino, it will generate those numbers that will finally release a number on the reels (or a symbol). Theoretically, every spin has the same chance to become a winner or a looser. However, important and experienced players realized that those RNG's are sometimes generating symbols in a different manner.

If the casino needs some cash, you can be sure that you won't win for several spins. Moreover, if the casino thinks that you are about to leave with your earnings, it would give you more earnings to keep you on the reels. It is not a general method to determine how the casino is using the RNG. You would only need to know those matters, as it is one-step forward in becoming a great casino player.

The RNG's are also a key factor in determining the jackpots. Let's consider that the casino wants to give the big jackpot to a certain player. It will instruct the RNG to give it away. It won't tell it anything else. The RNG generates the numbers accordingly, as every number means the exact time when the jackpot is given away, the table, the game and also the sum of money offered. However, it seems like the smart casinos are favoring the high rollers and high stakes players, therefore it would be hard for you as a beginner to get that jackpot or some other important bonus.

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