Slots Etiquette

How to behave on slots machines

The majority of players are hitting the slots games first. There, the officials of the casinos are already selecting the agitated players, instructing the stewards to keep an eye on those persons. Moreover, the drinks ordered by those persons would come a little late, as alcohol will surely not help them to calm down.

If you want to be considered a gentleman since this stage, don't yell, don't talk ugly, and try to keep a discrete presence. The earned money would make a difference, and your fellow players might not be so interested about your latest pitiful 10 dollars earned. Don't occupy a slot machine that is already occupied by some other player, and always talk to the casino personnel nice.

How to behave on table games

The table games usually imply more than one player at a table. Therefore, you must respect your gambling colleagues, the dealer, and the rest of the staff also. Be discrete, don't yell at the waiter even if he is late with your drink, don't swear, and don't make a scene every time you are losing.

If you decide to be one of those noisy clients that would attract the eyes of the entire casino, you will surely start to lose some important money. The dealer will give you the smallest cards, the roulette would generate numbers so you would lose all your money in seconds, and your poker colleagues will surely form an unspoken alliance to kick you out of the table. You think the dealer can't cheat you? We could tell you that a good dealer would let you with no money in your pocket, and you will rush to the cash machine to buy some more chips.

Be a smart player and stay low. A smart player won't need to be observed, as the casino will surely try to limit the earnings of any player that is winning massively. If you are keeping your voice down and you are changing the tables often, you might get unnoticed. Talk to your colleagues at the table, but try to be respectful. A dealer would like this kind of person, and you might find yourself with some unexpected earnings. Smile to the dealer all the time, especially if the dealer is a girl, bet wisely, don't throw all your budget on a single card and you will surely be the gentleman of the night in that casino.

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