Superhero's Slots


Hulk is the most popular character designed by Marvel. The character is the subject of some box office movies, and a huge inspiration for several slots games. There are many games designed on this theme, therefore we can't talk about a particular game. Usually those games are designed by Cryptologic, a leading software provider in the niche. They are based on the 5 reels, 20 pay lines kind of play, but you could also find Hulk games developed on the classic platform having 3 reels and one pay line.

The most interesting aspect of those games is the bonus screen. Usually, this is a standalone game where Hulk must destroy cop cars, helicopters and other characters. Of course, every destroyed item would bring you earnings.


Yes, you could say that Spider Man is more popular than hulk. This might be the case in the movie business, but for some unknown reason, hulk is more popular in the casino games niche. This won't mean that you can't win the incredible Marvel Jackpot on a Spiderman themed game. Moreover, it seems like the casinos are trying to promote those games by offering important bonuses and jackpots.

Marvel Jackpots can be found on other games also. Find them all, play the Marvel series from Cryptologic, as the main jackpot could easily go further than 500 000 dollars. In the future, some other titles are expected from this developer.

Cryptologic is considered the third developer in the casino games world, but it is surely a threat to the first two positions held by Microgaming and Vegas Technology. The Marvel series is their weapon, and the Marvel Jackpot is the biggest progressive jackpots available online. Here are some hints for you if you want to win this bonus:

  • Play with the maximum allowed stake. The casino would never release the Jackpot to a player betting one cent per spin. Sure, 125 dollars on a single spin might be a lot for some players, but the investment will surely worth it once you grab that huge bonus. Moreover, you will also have access to some important secondary bonuses, depending on your current game.
  • Play constantly the same game. The casinos have the tendency to reward faithful player. Therefore, they might give you the bonus just because you are staying a lot on a single Marvel game
  • Promote the game. If you own a site, you could promote Marvel games on it. The casinos will surely observe your dedication, so your chances to win the jackpot should be increased.

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